5 Reasons for Landscape Lighting

Here are five ways that landscape lighting can enhance the ambience and value of your home.

Image Credit: Q1 Interior Concept

Landscape lighting is an excellent addition to any home. First and foremost, extra lighting can make your home more appealing and charming. Furthermore, landscape lighting is an incredibly versatile addition that can be designed to meet any taste. In comparison to other landscape renovations, lighting is a relatively inexpensive option that should be considered by even the most frugal homeowner. For those who are still undecided, here are five reasons to consider landscape lighting.

Image Credit: Ken Yeap

1. Aesthetic Appeal
Perhaps the most obvious reason for landscape lighting is the aesthetic appeal. Many homeowners are invested in finding ways for their homes to look more appealing. Landscape lighting is a great solution that will look good during anytime of the day and year. Lights will help to illuminate your house during the nights and can even look magical shimmering during the winter months. Whether the lights surround a walking pathway or light up trees around the house, anyone passing by will be drawn to the beauty.

Image Credit: Ken Yeap

2. Increase Safety
Most people will be surprised to realize that landscape lighting can accomplish more than aesthetic charm. In fact, having lighting around your yard can help to increase the safety of your home by preventing break-ins. Homes that are poorly lit are around 30% more likely to become a target for criminals. Simply put, criminals would much prefer a dimly lit house as opposed to one with ample lighting. This benefit also helps to prevent more innocuous incidents such as an egging or TP-ing.

3. Increase Living Space
One of the greatest benefits of landscape lighting is the increase of living space. Your living area does not have to remain confined to the house itself. Instead, activities and gatherings can be located outside in the yard. Landscape lighting can extend the living area, making homes feel much more spacious. Placing small lamps along a pathway can be a great way to introduce people to the outdoor area. Larger, brighter lamps placed around the gathering area can help to add to the overall ambience and atmosphere.

4. Raise Property Value
Another great benefit of landscape lighting is the potential to raise property value. Whether you are considering to sell your home or not, it is never a bad idea to raise the value of your home and property. A property’s overall worth will increase with each addition. Landscape lighting is a very affordable method to raise the overall price of your home. When it comes time to sell your home, this adornment will be an excellent selling piece. Furthermore, the landscape lighting will help the property to stand out amongst the competition.

5. Enhance Comfort
Lighting can help increase the comfort of any room. When paired with the tranquility of the outdoors, proper lighting can really enhance the comfort of your yard. Furthermore, homeowners can move freely throughout their yard in the dark without worrying about tripping or falling. Whether you are returning home late or having a gathering, landscape lighting can make movement and the general atmosphere much more comfortable. In other words, proper lighting can make it feel like the yard is a part of the home.

Contrary to popular belief, landscape lighting does not have to be reserved for very expensive and exclusive houses. In fact, the whole procedure can be inexpensive and completed in a short period of time. Homeowners who are looking for an aesthetic addition to their homes would be wise to add landscape lighting. Another fantastic reason to consider landscape lighting is to increase safety by deterring criminals and preventing falls with ample lighting. Finally, outdoor lighting can help to extend your home’s comfort and living space to the outdoors.

Image Credit: Q1 Interior Concept

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