metrics global id76

[photo : Metrics Global Sdn Bhd]

Modern oriental interior combines intricates details of old shanghai with elegant contemporary features, creating an ambience that divine and chic within this dining area.



ids id74

[photo : IDS Interior Design Sdn Bhd]

Stunning with layers of glass amplifying the serene ambience.

surface r id76 (1)

[photo : Surface R Sdn Bhd]

Clean lines and simple forms of the dining furniture contrast stylishly with the heavy and bold textures in the open space.

q1 id75jb1 (1)

[photo : Q1 Interior Cocept SB]

This dining showcases a great contemporary  concept that is in perfect harmony with the ceve integration of vibrant decorating themes.


q1 sungai long id75 (1)

[photo : Q1 Interior Cocept SB]

Alluring beauty, a striking chandelier dangles above the table  adding a bit of glam to the demure space. Around the dining, a colourful piece of artwork stands out against the paisley print wall.

latitude design id76 (1)

[photo : Latitude Design Sdn Bhd]

A rich plum shade is integrated in the dining area, complementing and contrasting with the neutral interior, while trendy finishes exudes class suroound this dining.

gusto id76

[photo : Gusto Design & Build]

Wall lenght window amplify the volume of space whilst allowing the natural light to gently complement the soft hues. Dainty addition such as globe lights and elements og gold bring a touch of luxury. This space demands attention.