Signature Kitchen Showcases a Design Collaboration Between Bertone and Biefbi Cucine in the MIAMI Kitchen

Signature Kitchen launches the Miami kitchen during an evening of revelry at their headquarters in Kota Damansara.

Developers, architects, designers, and members of the media were treated to a design presentation and an evening of cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at the launch of the MIAMI kitchen, held at Signature International’s headquarters and the Signature Kitchen Lifestyle Gallery in Kota Damansara on 25th October (2017). The dignitaries in attendence were Dato’ Michael Chooi (Signature Group’s executive director), managing director of Signature Group – KC Tan, Aldo Cingolani (CEO and founder of Bertone Design), Francesco Battistelli (Biefbi’s regional sales director), Italian Trade Commissioner – Dr Samuele Porsia, and the evening’s honorary guest – Italian Ambassador to Malaysia, H.E Cristiano Maggipinto.

Pictured from left to right: KC Tan (Signature Group managing director), honorary guest H.E Cristiano Maggipinto (Italian Ambassador to Malaysia), Francesco Battistelli (Biefbi Cucine regional sales director), Aldo Cingolani (Bertone Design CEO and founder), Dr Samuele Porsia (Italian Trade Commissioner), and Dato’ Michael Chooi (Signature Group executive director), flanked by Sofia (left) and Masha (right). Image Credit: Signature Kitchen

The evening’s events began with an introduction to Cingolani’s design principles in a video presentation, followed by an exclusive overview of Bertone Design’s past projects – including high-speed trains as well as private homes and commercial spaces. Following the presentation, guests were invited to commemorate the event via photo opportunities with the statuesque models in attendance, and to tour the MIAMI kitchen showcase while being plied with fine wines and samplings of Italian antipasti conjured by Chef Stefano Griber of the Enoteca restaurant.

Later in the evening, Signature Kitchen introduced guests to Italy’s leading cooking appliances brand, Ariston, in a special cooking demo by Chef Stefano Griber from Enoteca, featuring curated Italian specialities. Image Credit: Signature Kitchen

The MIAMI kitchen was the result of a collaborative design process spanning over two years from conception to production, beginning with a chance encounter in the city of the same name between two notable Italians – Aldo Cingolani of Bertone Design, a prestigious firm known for decades as the originator of well-known sports car designs, and Bernard Battistelli, founder of Biefbi Cucine. After remarking on their shared nationality and discussing their respective fields of expertise, the latter spurred Cingolani to design a kitchen, to which he responded “Why not?” and proceeded to sketch the first drawings of the MIAMI kitchen by the beach.

Aldo Cingolani, CEO and founder of Bertone Design. Image Credit: Signature Kitchen

The MIAMI kitchen represented new ground for Cingolani, who had not taken on design projects specifically for kitchens, and whose firm is synonymous with Italian sports cars, at least until crossing paths with Bernard Battistelli. Despite the novelty of the project, Bertone Design was able to produce a sleek and modern kitchen by applying decades of experience in diverse design endeavours ranging from transportation to interior spaces.

Image Credit: Signature Kitchen

According to Aldo Cingolani and Francesco Battistelli, the MIAMI kitchen design draws inspiration from Bertone’s work with various forms of transporatation. The cabinets and countertops are panelled in sheets of Peltrox® stainless steel and the details of the MIAMI kitchen were inspired by the lines and winged doors of the Alfa Romeo Pandion – a concept car manufactured by Bertone. The colours used in the MIAMI kitchen were also inspired by automative design: the same shade of orange having being used on the Lamborghini Miura. Keeping to the theme of transportation and the jet-setter lifestyle, the sloping upper cabinets of the MIAMI kitchen owe their design to the curves of overhead baggage compartments on the Airbus A380.

Image Credit: Signature Kitchen

“The Miami kitchen is designed to evoke an exclusive and quality living experience,” says KS Lau, Signature’s retail sales director. “Today, new high-end condominium projects and luxury properties with world class designs are being developed in Malaysia. With its stylish and sleek design, exceptional quality and Italian craftsmanship, the MIAMI kitchen is the definitive choice in these homes, bringing an exclusive touch of Italian elegance and complementing the interiors in a truly unique style,” he added.

Image Credit: Signature Kitchen

About Signature International
The Signature Group has a strong history centered on quality, design and craftsmanship since 1994. Since the launching of its Signature Lifestyle Gallery at its HQ in Kota Damansara, the gallery has showcased new and iconic designs, exemplifying key brand attributes such as inspiration, innovation, cutting edge technology, world class designs, and a commitment to provide customers with prestigious lifestyle brands through international brands such as Binova, Biefbi, G/F, Miele, De Dietrich and Ariston; not forgetting its inhouse brand – Signature Kitchen.

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Biefbi Cucine has been producing high quality, stylish kitchens in Italy since 1976. In the pursuit of design and the application of best technologies, Biefbi has always held a constant desire to improve itself in order to satisfy more demanding customers, always paying attention to the market evolution.

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Article by Kevin Eichenberger