Caesarstone’s Concrete series combines the coarse concrete trend with enduring quality

Discover Caesarstone’s latest Concrete series which combines the coarse concrete trend fused together with the brand’s enduring quality and durability.

Image Credit: Caesarstone

An industry pioneer and global leader, Caesarstone is the world’s first company to establish a new product genre in the industry by harnessing the extraordinary physical properties of quartz, one of nature’s strongest minerals, to create a unique and glamorous product – the original quartz surface. Whether you are a professional architect or designer or a homeowner who is simply looking to create exceptional personal interiors, Caesarstone is the ideal starting point as it offers a variety of applications including kitchen countertops, backsplashes, bathroom vanities, tabletops, wall paneling, flooring, stair panels, customised furniture
and more.

Image Credit: Caesarstone

On top of its many diverse collection of quality surfaces, Caesarstone has now taken on the new raw trend of industrial plus the simplicity trend of Scandinavian designs to give us their innovative Concrete series. This series makes a genuine design statement, combining coarse concrete trend fused together with Caesarstone’s enduring quality and durability to deliver a surface of unparalleled performance in style. Perfect for modern homes, Concrete adds a touch of instant elegance while ensuring spaces remain clean and streamlined.

Image Credit: Caesarstone

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