id Homes: Creativity Knows No Bounderies, by Infusing Othello Board Pattern into Home Interior, Yong Studio Creates a Sight of Wonder

This residence exudes class, where the neutral interior is enhanced by ultra-chic finishes and a tasteful palette.

Paired with the right colours and decor, the muted surroundings of this home are richly enhanced. Bold design elements combine well with this home’s neutral open living spaces to create a fresh contemporary ambience.

Minimalist Tranquility : The subtle lighting and matt finishing set the perfect mood for both relaxation and work.

Vibrant lighting and furnishing are integrated into the living room and dining area, complementing these elegant spaces with bold vibes. Just outside the living room, a pond’s crystal-clear waters gently ripple with swimming fish. It is set against a whitewashed backdrop of monochromatic brick walls, adding an air of tranquillity to the home.

Moving back inside, you’d notice how the dark tiles are replaced with a golden-hued wood flooring when you enter the kitchen. Wooden elements like this form an aesthetically pleasing contrast with the glossy black and white cabinets. Beyond the kitchen, a cosy area filled with potted greenery awaits.

The bedrooms and study are styled with a similar chic motif. Every room consists of subtle lighting and matt finishing, setting the perfect mood for both relaxation and work.

Sanctuary Of Dreams : The master bedroom features a plush bed with dainty furniture and a soothing navy blue wall.



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