Timeless Simplicity in Ezbo Furniture’s Thoughtfully Designed Hero Cabinet System

Ezbo Furniture’s Hero series of modular cabinets embody the kind of thoughtful design and practical engineering that is expected to endure Japan’s frequent earthquakes, being sturdily constructed and simple enough to be assembled or expanded in minutes – by swapping out or adding fully-interchangeable parts for shelves and drawers.

Image Credit: Ezbo Furniture

The uncomplicated style of Ezbo Furniture is expressed in modern configurations of lightweight steel frames and wood panels infused with a touch of nostalgia.

Expansion of the Ezbo Hero modular cabinets is just as easy; with the seamless attachment of multiple four-foot or six-foot high wooden backs side-by- side, secured by the accompanying metal stands, the cabinets can be made to be as long as any given space.

Image Credit: Ezbo Furniture

The straightforward and unassuming designs are easily combined with a wide range of decorative schemes, while the thoughtfully-situated compartments and shelves help to keep things organised.

The modular nature of the Ezbo Hero cabinets enables an infinite number of arrangements in a wide range of circumstances; a display shelf can be easily converted into drawers for storage, without the use of tools, simply by lifting the parts to be replaced and attaching the replacements by their metal hooks.

Image Credit: Ezbo Furniture

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