id Homes: How to Achieve a Modern Eclectic-Scandinavian Look?

Golden hues of light shine through the muted ensemble, and the contrasting motifs produce an exquisite effect within this stunning abode.

The MSR designers have delivered a dynamic interchange between light and darkness, where the understated interior is made even more beautiful thanks to the contrasting tones in lighting. Placed in strategic parts of the ceiling and wall panels, these radiant rays serve to highlight the elegantly designed furniture and décor, thus establishing a classy ambience. View this home in 360 degree!

Romantic Vibes : With graceful craftsmanship and well-placed lighting, even a kitchen can become a place of romance

The most prominent showcase of this concept is the series of dangling light bulbs in a particular section of the house. Set against a monochrome wall, they blaze in star-like glory, adding an aura of romance to the surroundings.

In addition, a wood, steel and brick finishing complement the various surfaces, further accentuating the subtle splendour in every element. One can’t help but feel the comforting texture of the whitewashed brick wall in the living room. Once again, the spotlights cast their enchantment over the whole set-up, heightening the artistic beauty of this design masterpiece. View this home in 360 degree!

Wonder World : A huge world map wallpaper easily creates a world of wonder in the children’s play room.


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