id Homes: Elements needed to Create A Sensational, Cosy Home

The hues of red, yellow and orange are splashed across the key spaces of this residence, conveying the warmth of a joyful embrace.

An Optimistic Glow : Vibrant lighting, décor and furnishing dominate every corner of this living space.

With a warm and vibrant colour scheme, interior designer Wen Xu has infused every aspect of this home with feel-good vibes. The palette used represents happiness as well as passion, and is meant to kindle the joy of living in our hearts. They create a positive ambience, which can be clearly felt – from the vivid coloured sofa and bare brick panel in the living room to the shining chandelier above the dining table. View this home in 360 degree!

The same aura engulfs the kitchen, with its cabinets having been painted in brilliant white. Sleek black finishing lends a touch of sophistication to the setting. Even the refrigerator’s dark glossy surface glimmers – showcasing a reflection of its upbeat surroundings. The radiant gold wood flooring completes the package. 

The energetic atmosphere is just as prominent in the bedrooms, although in a slightly different manner. The lights bounce off the purple curtains, adding an air of distinguished comfort to the rooms. In here, residents can unwind on silky soft king -size beds, content that all is well. View this home in 360 degree!


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