id Homes: This Exquisite Quirky Home designed by The Roof Studio is both an Artistic Beauty and a Functional Home

In the suburbs of Alam Impian, something architecturally extraordinary is brewing.

A cauldron of dynamic spaces and artistic styling has been whipped up by interior design conjurers Ken Thong and Emma Yap. The result? An exquisitely quirky home that resonates with its owner’s tastes and lifestyle.

Upon setting foot in the house, the first thing that catches the eye is a life-sized sculpture of a face. Smooth, white, glistening in the light, it stands tall next to the living room couch. It seems to be thinking of something. Or glancing shyly around. Perhaps it’s smiling. Like any work of art, it conveys a thousand meanings, depending on how one interprets it.

Practical & Convenient : The home layout is meticulously planned to ensure you enjoy convenient accessibility.

The furnishing and décor surrounding the sculpture are just as captivating. A guitar leans on the dark coloured piano at one end. Candlelight and a soft colour palette complete the mood. Explore the place further, and another face sculpture pops up again – this time on a smaller scale, and yet equally as alluring.

Amidst all the creative elements, functionality and comfort are never compromised. A mixture of cement, steel, wood and glass finishing adorns the home, creating the perfect setting for residents to lead fulfilling lives.

Ultra-Hip : Every space is infused with fashionable styling and character.



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