id Homes: Space Matrix Create this Sanctuary of Peace, Making this Home a Haven of Calm

Open spaces, refined textures and dedicated yoga areas co-exist in harmony, establishing a habitat to unlock the mind’s inner sanctum.

Petite and cosy yet stylishly demure, Namaste. It’s not every day that one comes across a home which incorporates custom-built spaces for yoga – with even the mats forming part of the design.

Featuring a neutral coloured palette along with calming blue and vibrant green, these areas are ideal for daily stretching, breathing and meditation.

Yoga can be practis ed in two dedicated zones: a cosy elevated corner beside the living room and the studio upstairs. This calming ambience stretches its way to the rest of the residence – spreading a minimalist-inspired finishing and gentle hues.

The subtle theme is punctuated with occasional applications of tastefully patterned wallpapers, such as the ones found along the staircase and in various bedrooms. The wall on the kids’ room in particular stands out with its cloud motif.

A Gorgeous Fusion : Flashes of vivid lighting and finishing can be seen amidst the muted tones, and this contrast in styles is stunning.

A similar mixture of elegance and zest is reflected in the furniture and lighting. For instance, a vivid glow illuminates specific panels in the bathroom and sleeping quarters, setting off an aesthetically pleasing contrast in styling. View this home in 360 degree!



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