May 27, 2010

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Movie Screening

Close friends, family, sponsors and members of the media were all treated to special trip down to Berserah in Kuantan where the locally made Chinese movie ‘Woohoo! Believe / Possible’ was shot. An exciting time indeed as events was lined up the entire day. From early afternoon, the all star cast were already on site signing movie posters and welcoming the guests. As evening rolled in, dinner was then served to the 200 over people that attended and fun games and activities were conducted by the MY FM radio announcers. Being that the event took place during Earth Hour, the lights around the area turned off at 8.30pm and the movie screening began on a large projector screen. Even the villagers gathered around to join the party. The biggest surprise was perhaps the eruption of beautiful fireworks that went off at the end of the movie, accompanying the end credits.

Hot: Woohoo! Movie special screening
Spot: Kampung Nelayan Berserah, Kuantan
Date: 27th March

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