May 13, 2010

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Latitude Design-Elegant Inspiration

You will be irresistibly attracted to its inspirational elegance!
The design for the living room is simple and nice where the space is decorated with simplistic elements such as the mocha luxury leather sofa, a transparent glass coffee table placed at the nucleus of the space, of course the sharpest item in the hall that catches everyone’s eyes is the artistic masterpiece which is a creative representation of sun. Behind the TV is the side hall where a set of light brown fabric sofa with a picturesque painting of scenery.

The dining area and the kitchen feature the classically pure white hue. Embellished with the black dining chairs, the sophistication is enhanced with the stark contrast. between the black and white Interestingly, the mirror in the dining hall is decorated with different sizes of red floral motifs, reflecting the harmony and happiness in the space. Sitting next to it is the dry kitchen, featuring the white bar stools and bar table. Divided by a transparent glass, the wet kitchen is a clean cooking haven where you produce all the heavenly good food.
The master bedroom is emanating the rustically warm sense with the accent on the brown hue. Another bedroom is decorated with the clear soft lilac and dark purple, creating a friendly and comfortable private space. The lively and energetic bright green children bedroom is always the best place for the kids to hang out at with their best playmates, the toys.

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