Jan 5, 2012

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The Cultivation Of Craig Fong

05 January 2012,
Actor, Craig Fong has been capturing the hearts and minds of theatre, television and movie audiences around the globe.  Alluring, mysterious and philosophical, Craig has paved the way with his own brand of cool.

Every encounter with Craig Fong is a reminiscence of how it’s like to have a high school crush. His presence, both strong and charming, reduces any female companion to blushes and nervous giggles. Though not deliberately intended by the season actor, perhaps it’s his ‘bad-boy’ image that’s to blame. But those who are personally acquainted with the 41 year old Libran will know that the façade others perceive is only enhanced by his first acting break on the big screen, the role of a gangster who stood alongside Catherine Zeta-Jones in the Sean Connery’s 1999 film, Entrapment.

Craig’s involvement in creative arts has been a long burning flame within him even as a young boy. Born in Carnarvon, West Australia, the little lad was then already taking to self-exploration in junior high, casted as an American Native in the stage comedy Custards Last Stand. He moved to Perth to continue his studies at Rossmoyne High School but since there were no drama classes, he picked up photography instead. After high school he enrolled into the Art and Design College of Western Australia, majoring in animation and media design.

Blessed with dashingly suave good looks, it was only a matter of time before Craig could be found fronting major television and print campaigns—such as Nokia, Miele, Red Bull, Maxis, BMW, Hewlett Packard and HSBC in South East Asia. It was no surprise that shortly after his stint in Entrapment, Craig’s talents, boyish charms and eligibility nominated him as a runner in the popular Cleo’s Most Eligible Bachelor (1999). With his intense smile, wits and swagger on the catwalk, it was also no surprise to many when he bagged first place and the title “Most Eligible Bachelor.”

Fong’s no stranger when it comes to being recognized for his sheer talent in the performing arts; his first lead role was in the independent Malaysian film Spinning Gasing, playing a protagonist who was caught between culture, religion and love, which later garnished awards from the Hawaii International Film Festival, Slam-dunk Film Festival in Utah and the Cinefan Film Festival in Bombay.

After returning home to Perth to immerse in theatre work, Craig took on a role of a born again Christian who is being shadowed by his doppelganger, an out-of-control serial killer, in Lost is My Quiet Mind, where he was awarded Best Supporting Actor at the October 2007, 8th Annual Equity Guild Awards in Western Australia. In the same year, he played Bao Tang in the Australian Feature Film, The Line, a film centered on police corruption, biker gangs and the Asian mafia.

With no intention of slowing down, Craig was casted in The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines in June 2009, an epic film by KRU Productions. His passionate portrayal of Admiral Liu Yun earned him the nomination for Best Supporting Actor for The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines at the inaugural Anugerah Skrin 2011. And having such an honor to be recognized for his mastery, we can expect to see the Craig in Sleepless In The Jungle (2011), a movie shot in Sabah under the direction of Ulrich Braumann; themed as a modern day Indiana Jones movie set in Borneo with the storyline based on illegal logging of the rain-forests, saving of the orangutans and preservation of one of the last untouched places on the Earth.

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