id Homes: Neutral Palette Infused with Chic Elements Complementing the Modern Interior of this Home

Sleek and clean lines define this home, along with dashes of hot red and gold in its colour palette.

A neutral colour scheme infuses every design element here with a subtle, graceful and classy vibe. You can ease back and chill out on this living hall’s plush and dark coloured sofa. Even the sofa’s fabric consists of a sleek and sophisticated material. The monochromatic wall panel with flowing nature inspired patterns establishes the ideal backdrop for this modern contemporary home. While the TV displays an entertainment extravaganza on the pastel white cabinet, a vivid red ceiling fan spins gracefully above. The red ceiling fan creates an aesthetically pleasing and dramatic contrast to its more understated environment.

A similarly tasteful clash of colours can be seen throughout the home. In the dining space, a modest size red cabinet decor and yellow ceiling design element add a touch of vibrancy. The dining space’s reflective glass panels exude an air of contemporary class to the residence’s ambience. An adequate amount of windows convey natural lighting, which complements the soft man-made lighting within the place.

Ultra-Chic Colours : The tasteful play of colours is evident here, with the red cabinets, ceiling panel and elevated chairs in the kitchen creating a pleasing and dramatic contrast to its more understated monochromatic surroundings.

In the kitchen, a set of vivid red cabinets, ceiling panel and elevated chairs lends provides an energetic vibe to the interior.



Refined Luxury : In the bedrooms, a mixture of wood finishes, soft lighting and elegant decorative elements set the perfect ambience for calming meditations, peaceful productivity and a restful sleep.

In the bedrooms, wood finishes and soft glows set the perfect ambience for a restful sleep. As for the younger generation’s sleeping quarters, a lighter pastel green theme is implemented.


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