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Dr Woodwork’s artistic, functional, and ecologically sustainable timber products are crafted in a traditional style to complement modern homes.

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Dr Woodwork, a manufacturer of customised timber furnishings and decorations, was founded in 2014 by local proprietors Zamrol bin Hussin and his wife Zuriani binti Mohamad. Since its founding, Dr Woodwork has been based in Johor Bahru, where this homegrown proprietorship has been experiencing uninterrupted growth over the last three years. The founders attribute their success to the rising ecological awareness among property developers, designers, and urbanites who increasingly seek natural wood products from sustainable forest sources.

Most of Dr Woodwork’s furniture is made from the wood of mature trees sourced from local groves of renewed forests. Their most distinctive pieces are formed out of whole tree trunks or root stumps which are turned into robust furnishings distinctly styled with minimal finishing and treatment to retain the natural colours, forms, and textures of the wood. Dr Woodwork’s benches retain the organic lines in their unique bumps and textures of the bark as decorative features. These pieces are lightly milled and then combined with simple mortise and tenon joints in a rustic fashion. The range of products featured on the Dr Woodwork website also includes intricately carved foldable lecterns, railings, awning frames, decorative trellises and other architectural accents expressed in a form of the traditional Malaysian style.

Image Credit: Dr Woodwork

While success was found in the production of prayer book stands (or rehal), carved doors, and calligraphy wood art in the past, the proprietors of Dr Woodwork plan to expand their range of product in the future to include wooden structures such as gazebos, chalets and others in addition to offering carpentry services for custom kitchen cabinets. As the urban populations of Malaysia and Singapore grow, the rise of ecological conservatism continues to influence modern interior design. It seems increasingly like that there will be greater demand for timber products from both sides of the causeway in the next few years.

Image Credit: Dr Woodwork

The success of Dr Woodwork can also be attributed in part to support from statutory bodies such as the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB). The proprietors of Dr Woodwork, and other Malaysian manufacturers of timber products, have benefited from guidance by the MTIB in matters such as implementing optimal industrial practices and developing marketing programs. MTIB provided Dr Woodwork with support in the form of consultation on effectively interacting with customers during the Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) at the Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) in March of 2017.

Image Credit: Dr Woodwork

Dr Woodworks was also represented at the Landscape Asia exhibition held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC) in September of 2017. The proprietors of Dr Woodworks intend to spur further growth by improving their market presence in the field of timber products by participating in a wider range of exhibitions, in addition to an expansion of their product range and continued collaboration with the MTIB.

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