5 Ways to Create a Luxurious Outdoor Bathroom

When the days are hot and the evenings balmy, what better way to cool off than in your own outdoor bath? A look increasingly seen in top hotels and spas and with the trend of recreating hotel designs at home gaining traction, it is time for homeowners to start looking at ways to channel the outdoor bathing look in the comfort of their own homes.

A leader in bathroom design and products, British brand Victoria + Albert provides five tips to create a beautiful outdoor bathing space that exudes effortless luxury and relaxation.

1 Be bold!

Victoria + Albert’s Pescadero freestanding bath | Photo credit: Victoria + Albert

Make use of planters, filled with ferns, bamboos and palms, to create a natural screen for the ultimate meditative, leisurely soak in Victoria + Albert’s Pescadero bath that will sure to lull and refresh you. The decking provides the perfect surface to install the bathtub’s plumbing underneath and a simple wooden table provides a space for towels and toiletries.

2 Blend the outdoors with your interiors

Victoria + Albert’s Marlborough freestanding bath | Photo credit: Techne Architects

This art deco home was refurbished with a new extension. The large glass panes fill the room with light and the eye is drawn out to the secluded terrace where Victoria + Albert’s Marlborough bath takes center stage. The bathroom has been designed with a clever barrier between indoors and outdoors, giving the homeowners the option to open the doors onto the terrace and bathe outside on a warm evening. The terrace tiles match those of the interior, creating a seamless flow between the two spaces.

3 Bring the outdoors indoors

Victoria + Albert’s Barcelona freestanding bath | Photo credit: Richard Best Architecture

Outdoor bathing not an option? Look to bring the outdoors indoors. In this bathroom design by Richard Best Architecture, featuring Victoria + Albert’s Barcelona bath, natural materials are utilised within the design, and the stunning view into the secluded garden gives the bathroom the feel of a luxury treehouse. To create a more secluded experience, the curtains can be drawn across the floor-to-ceiling windows.

4 Decorate with Functional but Elegant Accessories

Victoria + Albert’s Tombolo bath rack | Photo credit: Victoria + Albert

When building an outdoor bath environment, don’t forget to think about a place to hang your towel or a stool for a book. Victoria + Albert’s Tombolo bath rack allows bathers to enjoy a relaxing soak while sipping on a glass of chilled champagne and indulging in a good read.

5 Use Quality Materials and Fittings

Victoria + Albert’s baths are perfect for outdoor bathing with its QUARRYCAST® Volcanic Limestone™ composite being resistant to thermal shocks, which means that undergoing changes in the weather and temperature won’t cause the bath to crack. The baths are also UV resistant and won’t go yellow in the sun and its easy-to-clean naturally glossy surface offers additional peace of mind.